Marcella Christie
Marcella Christie
author of Silenced Magic



I’m Marcella Christie. I write queer, witchy fantasy.


I’m a professional writer and editor, writing romantic fantasy with a feminist, LGBTQ bent from the unlikely locale of the American Midwest. I write anything from short stories to full-length novels to series, but I definitely have a soft spot for anything funny, fantastical, and sexy.

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Fantasy with a side order of awkward flirting, good laughs, and hot sex.


I come from a background in fandom, and I’ve always loved the treatment of romance in those arenas. My entire goal is to emulate as much of what I admire from fanfic as possible: the sweet tropes, the emphasis on found family, and the openheartedness of relationships across all genders and sexual orientations. And what better genre to blend all that together in than fantasy?


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